"The coaching sessions really great as it makes me learned and realised what actually my life have to offer, IF you are brave enough to dreams and take up the challenges that GOD's plan for you. Sometimes, we are afraid to try or change. Other times, we are just plain ignorant & takes things for granted. Thats where Violet comes in :) She's a lady full of cares and supports, kind, considerate, helpful, sincere and passionate. She's a person who you'll feel very comfortable to talk to eventhough for the 1st time, just like an old friend and I'm really lucky to have her as my coach. Thanks, Violet for being there for me :)"


- CL, 26, Executive

It is always a joy to go through the coaching sessions with Violet who never fails to make each session a very pleasant and close-to-heart one.


Violet is a great listener and ensures that I am being heard and understood. She displays acknowledgement and gives constructive feedback. It is much appreciated when she shares her own experiences with me. It is also sincere and helpful of her to suggest ways in which I can consider doing in order to attain my goals. So far, there are several action points which I feel are highly beneficial.


The thing that strikes me most is Violet's ability to summarize our coaching sessions so well. Little details were not forgotten and she is also able to capture my feelings and thoughts and translate them into an excellent piece of work. She is very personable and is able to identify with me in a non-judgmental way. It is always so amazing to read her summaries and realize how well she has understood me. Many thanks to her for her encouragement and support as well.


I look forward to having more coaching sessions with her.


- WS, 28, Financial Accountant

“I felt that the coaching session provided a good tool for evaluating various aspects of my life and helped in the sense that I had to give a rating on each of them and decide where I want to move to and how I want to get there.  I had perhaps prior to the session only a rough idea of how I felt things are going and which part of my life needed improvements.. I felt it was definitely a more systematic and all rounded approach. Through Violet's coaching, I found that it was easy to talk to her, she was not intimidating, and was somehow always able to “pull” me back to what I had to do to achieve my goals when I was not convinced or wasn't confident.. I think it's good that a coach is approachable and personable.”


- KC, 32, Financial Controller

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